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Human Resource Management
Supporting People-Centered Businesses

HRA Services, Inc., delivers people-centered human resource management consulting services and programs tailored to your individual management style and perspectives. HRA Services provides :

Executive Coaching and Leadership Development
Get direct, insightful, confidential executive coaching and leadership development services for CEO's and other key executives as well as future high potential contributors to improve and preserve your competitive advantage.

Organizational Development
Identify and clarify factors such as management style, leadership potential, management succession, and organizational structure that impact your ability to operate effectively and accomplish your goals.

Recruiting Support
If you are looking for qualified candidates and have limited time, resources, and expertise to find them, HRA can help. This professional, cost-effective service provides objectivity, speed, and reliability in getting the right person in the right job at the right time.

Compensation Programs
Control your largest expense and provide a fair, consistent system to reward your employees by installing base salary and incentive compensation programs that are easy to administer and maintain.

Policy Development
Develop employee handbooks and human resource manuals or individual policies that promote regulatory compliance while reflecting your management and organizational values.

Management Assessment
Help leaders and managers operate more effectively by identifying their own leadership and management styles and by learning how to recognize, appreciate, and capitalize on differences in others.

Management Training
Provide leaders and managers the tools they need in areas like planning, supervision, team-building, performance management, and interviewing.

Employment Transition Counseling & Support Services
Receive professional support in managing staff reductions, reorganization, or a poor job fit while reducing legal exposure and staff anxiety.

ProfessionalService Agreement
Get direct access, at the time you need it, to HRA's staff of management professionals to answer a question or discuss a confidential problem on any human resource issue.

Human Resource Management