August 2017

How much is ineffective leadership costing your company?

Every time you celebrate a promotion or new hire to your company's leadership team, you should examine that individual's leadership knowledge and skills. Organizations commonly advance employees who are highly skilled in their functional discipline--that is, areas like sales, operations, marketing, and customer service. After the supervisor spends a few months in her new role, the manager begins to notice performance issues related to communications, teamwork, and coordination.

"Every time you wait to see
how the new supervisor will
perform in their role, you
increase chances for costly

Leadership is not inherited or inherent. Some have more natural inclinations and sensitivities than others. Like most work experiences, it is learned from former supervisors, coaches, teachers, and others.

Every time you wait to see how the new supervisor will do, you increase opportunities for costlyperformance problems for him and, as importantly, for his new reports.

Giving newly anointed supervisors immediate leadership development opportunities to build their knowledge and skills in term of what leadership is all about is critical in creating and maintaining your company's leadership capacity and bench strength. Some leadership development pioneers like Blanchard Training and Development have documented critical links between the knowledge, skills, and continuity of leadership teams and organizational performance and profitability.

Delegation is one leadership function new supervisors find challenging. It centers on when and how to do it. New leaders may be hesitant to delegate for fear employees will feel dumped on. On the contrary, we know individuals who respect their leaders look forward to learning more about their jobs and feeling valued by the leader and the company.

Inexperienced leaders often fail to understand how to diagnose individual performance in term of competence and commitment. As a result, they can easily fall short in light of how to coach and support others who are at various points on their own knowledge and skill learning curves.

When all parts of the organization are operating at optimal levels in terms of quality leadership and functional duties and responsibilities, company performance and profitability reach all-time highs. Visit www.everythingdisc.com/hraservicesinc for more.