May 2017

Are You Paying Fairly and Equitably?

Once you've done the hard work of documenting jobs and fixing internal job relationships and competitive salary ranges, salary administration programs can take a back seat to your other HR initiatives. However, an essential keystone in your organization's human resource management and leadership program will always be motivating supervisors and employees in terms of pay administration and performance management.

If you let these components languish, they quickly become de-motivators and serve as the source of grumbling and complaints. It's an HR best practice to review your salary administration programs and keep managers and employees mindful of their key connectivity to individual performance and the company's goals.

The most critical aspect of effective programs is actually simple: Make sure your managers and supervisors understand pay administration components and can explain them in performance interviews and in one-on-one employee conversations. It's vital that people can recognize and explain concepts like position-in-range and compa-ratio, for example, so they can align those concepts with pay to performance and help build lasting credibility. These and other tools give leaders the wherewithal to create and enhance unified, cohesive teams.

If your salary administration program is languishing and not satisfying its purpose and relevancy, it may need revitalization. Have your ranges and guidelines reviewed, and then make changes that will keep your program meaningful and realistic within the context of your vision and strategy. You want to be sure your people are rewarded competitively as the economy grows.

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