December 2018


As we review and update client handbooks, we underscore our own awareness of the importance of making sure your HR and operating procedures keep pace with changes in state and federal law and guidelines as well as with common sense practices. Providing employees and supervisors clear direction on the use and potential misuse of social media and cameras, for example, is essential in reducing liability and protecting against intentional or inadvertent communications, damaging to customers, other employees, vendors, and competitors as well as to the public'simage of your organization. Anti-discrimination statements, for example, should now include sexual orientation and other protected class definitions.

Also because of the growing venues, municipal and state,limiting traditionally acceptable information like salary history and background checks, it is probably best to preclude potential allegations of gender, race, and other claims by not gathering or soliciting pay and salary history, but instead focus on the current pay rate or salary range for the job itself. These changes make it important to have your handbook reviewed and updated along with related materials like employment applications.

In line with these changes, supervisors and managers alsoneed updated guidance so that they are not asking questions in employment or counseling interviews that might invite allegations of discrimination.

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