December 2016

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Great Leaders Are Born . . . And Made!

Getting a good education is an essential foundation for achieving any goal. But classroom learning has its limitations. For some subjects, it's best to toss the textbooks aside and learn by living. This is especially true when it comes to leadership. It is in the laboratory of life where you draw out your inner potential to work with others, develop the ability to be a positive influence, and build the confidence necessary to lead and develop individuals and teams.

Leadership is, in fact, an ability essential in whatever endeavor you wish to excel. Any time you face an unexpected challenge or need to solve a problem, you have the chance to demonstrate leadership. And just like learning a sport, it takes lots of practice. You don't become an accomplished tennis player by reading a manual. To perfect your skills, you must go out on that court and hit and serve thousands of tennis balls.

Here are three key tips to becoming an effective leader:

  • Mastering the principles of leading and managing demands both feet on the organizational court. Observe the best players, make mistakes early, and hone your natural tendencies to produce desired outcomes.

  • To develop potential leaders, observe them in action and analyze how they interact with individuals and groups. Help them understand and tap into their instincts.

  • Your job as a leader is not simply to guide followers, but, more importantly, to groom others for leadership as well.
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