January 2019


Leaders are often uncomfortable and a little bothered by words like "leadership style" and "organizational culture." Both are soft terms that seem subjective and hard to get your head around. Both can spark debate about whether they work well in your company. Often owners and senior managers react with "Well, that's just your opinion. You really don't know our company that well." Or, "our managers would probably see it differently." Sometimes they are right and sometimes not. Because of the perceived subjectivity of these words and related concepts, leaders may feel it's best "to let sleeping dogs lie. We've already got enough problems to solve in sales, research, and business development."

As with top performing athletic teams, research on the impact of behavior, leadership, and culture demonstrates that leadership styles and organizational culture are essential elements of how effective groups are in terms of cohesiveness and unity and directly affect productivity, communications, and profitability.

We work with senior leaders to clearly define and understand leadership styles and how these are most effectively managed to promote and sustain cohesive, unified planning, direction, evaluation, and communication. Like the proverbial orchestra conductor, leaders learn how to put all the pieces together to produce great sounds and how to deal with conflict productively when things start to get out of tune. Your leaderswill see and understand the importance of

  1. Defining and Addressing Individual Roles in terms of authority, responsibility, and accountability;

  2. Involving Their Teamsin planning, allocating, scheduling, and sequencing work;

  3. Working in Unison in developing individual and team goals and measurements of progress;

  4. Pulling Together and Feeling the Sense of Success that comes with being on a winning team;

  5. Communicating Effectively and the Sense of Satisfaction that comes from working through what otherwise would be unproductive conflict.

We have the experience, expertise, and artfully-designed and highly-effective tools to evaluate and hone team leadership skills and to turn "Leadership Styles" and "Organizational Culture" from soft, ill-defined words into real, practical, and meaningful tools to get your company on track for continuing improvement, top-quality performance, and growing profitability.

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