Compensation planning services for companies in the mid-AtlanticCompensation
Compensation designed to motivate and retain key employees
Compensation Planning Services for Companies in Mid-Atlantic

HRA Services provides compensation planning services to client companies based in the mid-Atlantic (PA, NY, MD, DE, NJ) seeking to attract, retain, and motivate the key people they need to run and grow their businesses.

We have helped our mid-Atlantic clients find the answer to compensation questions they have including:
  • Am I paying fairly?
  • Am I paying competitively?
  • How do I retain and motivate talent?
  • How do I best recognize employees for their efforts?
  • How do I design a systematic pay and performance system?
  • How do I fairly evaluate jobs?
  • Should I use variable or incentive pay?
  • How can I improve the credibility of pay practices?
  • What's the difference between exempt and non-exempt jobs?
  • Do I need to pay overtime, when and how?
  • How do I design a total pay system that works?
If you are a company located in the mid-Atlantic seeking help planning compensation packages for your employees, contact HRA Services. We can help.